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Welcome to Touch Paradise Trekking & Expedition

Touch Paradise Trekking & Expedition is a government registered company comprised of qualified & experienced professional. Touch Paradise Trekking & Expedition offering details of trekking, expedition, tours, adventure vacation, mountaineering, India, Bhutan, local city sightseeing, air ticketing, adventure activities & Online booking are always available.

Touch Paradise is a leading Trekking organization by the years of experienced trekkers. The main motto of our organization is to dive real satisfaction, enjoyment and actual information of the country and its surroundings. Presenting the new test in trek is our real job. To present fantastic and wonderful trip is our crying need. So to have knowledgeable and careful arrangements of the tours with comfort and   safety in mind, we launch fantastic and excellent holiday to all the newcomers, nears and dears and others.

It is our pleasure to present Touch Paradise Trekking & Expedition Pvt. Ltd is the largest full service trekking and expedition in Nepal. Our aim is introduce Nepal in to the world without impacting on the precious ecology of our beloved country. We take pride in providing first rate services to each valued guest. We take full responsibility of all the required arrangements from accommodation facilities, porters, ticketing to minute travel plans. Our excursions are an absolute blend of luxury and satisfaction.

.  This company was named by collecting decades of experiences from different corner of Nepal .Furthermore the creative experiences are gathered from neighboring countries such as Tibet, Bhutan, India and Others .The more we travel the more we gain real taste of trek .Touch Paradise is there where there is actual satisfaction which is really possible by the years of excellent trekkers .To tell the truth this is also the co-operation, co-ordination and suggestion of the tourist who joined hand with us while doing trek .We are strongly encouraged by the tourist who got expected trek by us.

Let us design your holiday with your special interests and needs in mind, whether those interests are in trekking, mountain climbing, wild life safari, river rafting, bird watching

Our Guides:
We believe that our incredible guides and staff are the foundation of our programs. All of our guides are highly skilled professionals who have been selected based on their technical proficiency, proven safety records, careful judgment, patient and supportive teaching styles and great personalities. In our continuing efforts to provide you with the best possible experience we endeavor to provide you with a guide local to the area you will be trekking in. All our mountaineering, trekking, & cultural guides are experts in their respective field. To make your vacation a more memorable one, our staff will share with you interesting facts not only about the Himalayas, but about the culture, history and religion of the area as well. Our guides are trained by the (Nepal Academy of Tourism &Hotel Management), the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. Our guides are very experienced in dealing with the effects of higher altitudes and since they are natives of Himalayas, they easily acclimatize and therefore can better care for their clients. They are equipped with necessary medical supplies and can assist you with basic first aid treatment. Our field staff plays an important role in the success of your adventure. They are well trained and experienced to provide you with a variety of food as per your request. We can accommodate clients who desire meals that they are familiar with as well as catering to those with a more adventurous palate.

Health & Saftey

Our team is fully trained in the following Health & Safety areas:

  • First aid procedures.
  • Safety while Mountain Climbing.
  • High altitude sickness.
  • Monitoring all aspects of government policies and weather that may affect your trip.
  • 24 hrs communication.
  • We provide fresh hygienically prepared food on all our trips also catering for any particular diet requirements or food allergies.

We Are Responsible:

Our aim is to maximize the positive benefits of tourism for host communities. This includes training and employment of local staff, using local suppliers and assisting in the development of sustainable local businesses.
We actively minimize the negative effects that tourism can have by ensuring that tourism does not divert resources away from local communities or drive up prices on local resources. We also provide opportunities for cultural exchange, where locals and visitors alike can share and learn from each other in an environment of mutual respect.

We contribute to the welfare of the host community, where we organize for our travelers to spend time in disadvantaged villages upgrading basic facilities such as health, education and water access. T ouch paradise strives to educate our travelers about the destination and its local cultures as well as providing guidelines on appropriate behavior to minimize impact.

Our services:

  • Trekking and Hiking
  • Climbing and Expeditions
  • Tour and sightseeing
  • Conferences
  • Wildlife Jungle safaris
  • White water rafting
  • Ticketing (Air, Train, Bus)
  • Hotel reservation
  • Travels Consultancy
  • Mountain flight
  • Paragliding
  • Bungy jump
  • Canyon Swing
  • Mountain bike ride to the Tibetan border
  • Bird watching
  • Flora and Fauna studies
  • Monastery visits and stay arrangements
  • Social works
  • Village activities
  • Herbal healings
  • Yoga lessons
  • Communications
  • Assisted shopping

We look forward to welcoming you.


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